ANNĒ – “Moon Lander” EP (Soma) [April 5, 2024]

Steadily forging a clear path, ANNĒ is etching her sound in a way that can never be erased. Her latest endeavor, “Moon Lander,” marks her third release for Soma and adds to the tally of nearly 50 releases for revered imprints like Hardgroove, Mutual Rytm, NECHTO, BCCO, and Suara. 

Starting her musical journey on the other side of the decks, she is well peaked to know how to keep a dance floor grooving. And boy, does she do it well! With key influences from Detroit and early ‘90s to ‘00s Techno, her grooves have a sophisticated yet simplistic, old school-but-fresh feeling. Effortlessly juke-stepping her sound on dancefloors all over the world, she currently has upcoming showings with Intercell, Direct to Earth, and Techno Snobs. 

At the forefront of the Hardgroove revival, her tracks have a heavy lean towards the modern with a fully round and meticulously crafted, well-balanced feeling. While the standard “Moon Lander” EP only has four tracks (Bandcamp offers 1 exclusive track to the album), the sonorous nature will keep you coming back for more. Deeply saturated with harmonious, feel-good grooves, this EP is an absolute treat to the ears. Kicking off with the title track, we are immediately shot into deep space. If “Moon Lander” is the pace car for this journey, then we are in for one hell of a ride. Featuring choppy claps, an irresistible, easy groove, and devious organ notes, this track will make your booty shake. 

“Fieldstone” enters the ring with lush resonance and a bit of funk. Record scratches add a raw touch to an otherwise silky-smooth arrangement. Not a hair out of place, this tune feels like sunbeams glazing over polished chrome. A dancefloor destroyer, “St. Strings” is a grower, not a shower. Upon first entry, the drum pattern gives a funky push, yet as the track progresses, elements of heavy rolling bass, atmospheric percussion, and church style bells add a full-bodied flavor that is ready for you to feast on. The textural layering is nothing short of divine, and daresay reminiscent of the legendary “Bells” from the wizard himself, Jeff Mills. Feeling like it’s raining euphoric bells from the heavens, it’s a thrilling and fulfilling track for all of our hungry ears. “Rootstock” is a vibrant tension builder. Relying heavily on percussion, the tune would be well-placed in a warehouse where the resonance can precipitate endlessly, creating an expansive sounds-all-over kind of feeling. 

While Hardgroove as a trend may be on the decline, ANNĒ is forging her own path and embarking on a sound that truly feels uniquely her own. A fully fleshed-out flower, her petals leave more than meets the eye. 

-Jen Warra

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