British Murder Boys – “Active Agents and House Boys” (Downwards) [June 14th, 2024]

It’s no secret the influence that Surgeon and Regis have had on the world as a whole in their tenure within the industry. Well renowned for their tenacity and overall industrial motivated instinct, these two have swept the globe with their energetic, powerful performances.

Born in their respective corners of the United Kingdom, Karl O’Connor (Regis) and Anthony Child (Surgeon) have been at the forefront of Industrial and Techno avant-garde styles. Pushing the status quo and endeavoring into unique and inspiring material in live sets and DJ formats, the two artists found their respective callings in their ambitious styles and creative presences. 

In Regis, this saw the rise of the label Downwards in 1995. It quickly grew to become a staple for the globe and created an outlet that allowed Karl to explore beyond conventional limits and outside influences. Child followed a similar fashion and found himself playing pivotal roles in the development of the Birmingham nightlife, which allowed the rise of Surgeon into the cornerstone that has become their music. 

With their close proximity to each other, Karl and Anthony almost seemed destined to fall into the happenstance of meeting, which lead to the curation of a punk mentality with a modern twist in the British Murder Boys project. It all comes to a head in their first full length album, titled “Active Agents and House Boys”.

This album features a new twist on the duo’s gritty, industrial nature, though it doesn’t seem far off from previous works in the ambitiousness of the selections. Compiling an impressive 9-track selection, the album spans funky broken beat styles and vocal segments calling back to the classic Industrial tape infusions along with the roiling mental movements.

“Active Agents and House Boys” releases June 14th on Regis’ Downwards label and promises to be the highly-anticipated release decades in the making. While many have long been awaiting this momentous collaboration, it’s sure to be anything but a flash in the pan and has all the signs of being an influential piece that will be utilized in sets and inspire artists for years to come.

-Colin Cook

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