Floid – “Skudd” (Omen Wapta) [April 30, 2024]

Although Floid may be a newcomer, his abilities as a producer and digital sound artist know no bounds as he fearlessly explores new frontiers in his craft. Providing an exciting change of pace from the more monotonous standpoint of Techno, he crafts warped, psychedelic-adjacent plot lines that defy traditional genre constraints. The Delft-based producer’s electric compositions unfold like vivid dreams, challenging your perceptions and inviting personal interpretations. He weaves endless rhythms and active narratives to create surprising intervals of raw intensity, embracing new possibilities for more creative and abstract expression in Techno music.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of sonic exploration, Floid’s latest “Skudd” EP serves as a gateway to labyrinthine soundscapes akin to the serpentine bounce of the dancefloor. Flowing like lava, smooth and molten, yet sticky, erratic, and explosive, you never know where one of his tracks will take you, but you know the journey will be riveting. Through a fusion of constancy, repetition, and glitchy influences, he navigates the hypnotic depths of Techno, inviting listeners to lose themselves in trance-inducing grooves.

Returning to the Delft-based Omen Wapta imprint, Floid delves deep into experimentation, sculpting seven tracks that defy convention in favor of rich narrative arcs. Cinematic and dense, each composition offers a hypnotic journey that swells and recedes. His latest release transports listeners to a realm where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. With tempo tricks that warp perception and stretch high BPMs to create an entrancing groove, the record leaves the listener to navigate the spine-chilling melodies with only their mind as a guide. There is something remarkably tasty in the way Floid delivers resonance. Pulling from a primal space, the push and pull of the vibrations feel like the arrangement is alive and breathing, building ample suspense to get lost into.

As a whole, this record effortlessly evokes a primal sensation that soothes the mind. Kicking straight off with ‘Opanzi’, dark chords immediately send an ominous call, and the following fast-flowing bassline sends us through to a tunnel of mystery. The quick pace is playful, yet the destination is undetermined. ‘Dufus’ continues to weave the thread of ominous mystery, and ‘Zoona’ adds a high-paced fervor that is sure to get your heart pumping. The title track is eight minutes of cinematic delight. Not for the faint of heart, the track progressively pumps into your bloodstream and creeps into the depths of your mind. Incessant drums overflow with joviality and mischievous charm brings a bright shine.

‘Bondo’ plays like an adventure mission, precipitating endlessly and pushing forward vibrant with jest. The push and pull in ‘Jonagu’ give space for contemplation while also riling the senses. The progressive addition of instrumentation keeps your attention, and the steady bass line provides a rope to guide you through. The digital bonus track ‘Simr’ feels like the entire room is filled with sound. Echoes and haunting resonance fill dense space, yet the atmosphere is relieving and calm. It is a truly beautiful end to an exhilarating ride and an overall exciting point of view to savor through its soundscape. 

This is the kind of record that reminds you of what it feels like to be alive and gives all of what we crave without any trend or gimmick in sight. The verdict is an enthusiastic yes, let Floid take you on a journey out of your head and into another dimension.

-Jen Warra

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