DJ AGITATED – “Magic Overlooked” (dolly) [April 12, 2024]

DJ AGITATED is the alter ego of a veteran Techno producer who first appeared on remix duties for Steffi’s “Red Hunter” EP. This time around, they return to the much buzzed about Dolly TS series with their first EP, “Magic Overlooked”. Simply put, this release is top-notch and features high tech soul with timeless and trance-y Detroit Techno.

Like the mystical bird from mythology, the opening track “Phoenix” is an absolute heater that will burn up any warehouse dancefloors and bring life back to the party. DJ AGITATED doesn’t stop on “DNTSP”, starting off with a banging techno loop melting into lush pads, gated chords stabs, funky bassline, and a sliced up “DON’T STOP” sample.

DJ AGITATED keeps the funk going on “Wat Dan?” (Dutch for “What then?”) with wiggly synths, berserk bass syncopation, and shuffling drums. “Vallinote” is by far the most melodic of the bunch, building slowly from a one-note groove to a blissful swell of emotionally uplifting chords that sway around like leaves in the summer breeze. 

The closing track “Heartbeats” is a gloriously laid back, loopy, and dubby end to the EP. It’s chill enough for starting or closing a set, but still has enough oomph for those times when everyone in the room is really locked into the groove.

Sometimes discomfort can lead to growth—and like a Zen master—DJ AGITATED shows how to channel curmudgeonry into creativity. 



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