Del Olmo – “Groove Studies” EP (ROOM.) [April 29, 2024]

Buenos Aires, Argentina is seemingly loaded with producers who are pumping out cutting-edge Techno and House music that’s both interesting and club-appropriate. One such producer, Del Olmo, shows a range and nuance that makes each track unpredictable, unique, and a bit experimental.  

The Argentine gives us what we want straightway, going full speed with groove-approved, dancefloor-ready tracks. “Flawless Design” features a slamming sax solo (for real though) that gives this release a proper Dub stamp and is seriously worthy of praise.

Throughout the EP, creative, dubby grooves are fleshed out with layers of Detroit-oriented percs, pads, and synths that combine the old with the new, giving each track rhythmic and melodic complexity. 

These superbly combined elements collide to give us a release that is more approachable for the casual raver and tantalizing for the diehard. 

Del Olmo certainly succeeds with this latest “Groove Studies” EP. We can’t wait to hear more.

-Taylor Harris

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