Julieta Kopp – “Psychophony” (Soma) [June 3, 2024]

Once again, Argentina is the place to look for great ideas within the Techno world. In this “Psychophony” EP, Julieta Kopp tows the line and represents a strong example for Techno as a whole. And obviously, it’s the experienced ears of Soma that have taken notice of this release. 

Julieta Kopp’s productions are fully fledged, and mature reflections of such a new talent in the scene. No doubt based on her experience as a resident DJ at Underclub.bsas, she also has garnered inspiration from her favorite fellow producers in Buenos Aires—a city which, as we’ve seen, is certainly awash in Techno talent.

What makes the release a leading example for Techno at present is that there’s a certain mastery and deep professionalism that acknowledges where techno has been and how it’s constructed, and the artist says it in her own way with style and ease. It really stands out as a clean and clear definition of Techno. There’s a lot of Techno out here that’s looking backward, rehashing popular trends like Hardstyle, Hardtek, and Hardgroove. Obviously, as an example, there’s a lot of great experimentation with distortion and ideas that are ahead of the curve with the Iberian sound in Europe. But this is an honest look at where we really are at right now.

All of these tracks are very well put together. Whether it’s the smudgeness of the understated bassline on “Closer to Being Burned,” the firm grip on all the elements in “Psychophony,” the metallic dissonance in the chords of “Things You Can’t Touch,” or the starry elements over the slamming groove in “Another Day In The Prison,” you’re sure to find a track that gets your own personal seal of approval.

EPs like this are exciting. Mostly, it’s because you can point to Techno’s nebulous definition and say “Yes! This is techno and it’s as real as it gets.” For a producer who’s just kicking off a career, there’s so much more to look forward to in Julieta Kopp’s music.

– Sean Ocean

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