Jon Hester – “Converge Part 1” (Rekids) [09/25/2020]

With a fall 2020 release Jon Hester’s euphoric Converge Part 1 grabs your soul and holds on until the end.

The first track, “Sending Signals’’, is the synth’s quick cue to step aboard. ‘Metropolitain’ is the beginning of a smooth techno ride with beautiful underlying piano chords and progressive percussions. Falling in line with big kicks and near wobbly syths, ‘Haze’ delivers with Saxophone overlays from Hester himself. ‘Rain’ keeps this train rolling smoothly and hypnotically through space to ‘Dreamstate’, where the synths emerge again and the bassline keeps rolling along. The synths seem to explore on ‘Free’ before being corralled by the rhythmic bassline that continues into ‘Flex’ with a gathering of melodies. ‘Equinox’ ends this smooth techno, jazz like journey with you wishing it was the beginning, not the end of this solid release on Radio Slave (Official)‘s Rekids Label.

Purchase and preview here.

-David Godgluck

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