Erik Luebs – Cycle 4.9 | September (Erik Luebs) [September 21, 2021]

Tokyo-based Erik Luebs’ self released Cycle series has been providing techno DJs with a weapon each month for the last three years.

When listening to techno, sometimes it requires multiple listens to determine whether or not a track is to your liking, but with Erik Luebs’ Cycle series, the quality of each of his productions is made apparent within a matter of seconds. Having launched early January of 2018, Leubs had originally been putting out two tracks a month for the entire year. After the first year of consistent two-track EPs, he began dialing it back to one track each month, utilizing the same album art template throughout. And while the number of tracks diminished, the quality of his musical output never wavered. What started off as “…a monthly output of tracks intended for close friends to incorporate into their DJ sets,” as stated on his Bandcamp page, has grown into a regimented creative ritual from an increasingly talented producer, that all of us can access and enjoy.

‘Cycle 4.9,’ or additionally titled ‘Foreign Objects,’ gets things started with an a-typical, double-time kick pattern. Thick and punchy, yet perfectly tucked away, the kick drum is mixed perfectly and makes for an ideal foundation to experiment over. A consistently swelling, detuned melody repeatedly takes a deep dive downward. Right away, the track’s elements each occupy their own space without going overboard with excessive panning. Delicate percussive frills quickly being to break up the monotony of the repeating pattern, and highlight the build up for a fully energized drop. To ensure maximum energy, a humming click pattern comes in to gently tickle and accentuate the simple, yet irresistible groove. Each component, from the lead melody to the subtle, more textural sounds, are masterfully selected and tuned to give a sense that this tune is adequately complex and thought provoking, while simultaneously feeling deceptively stripped back and aloof. While the general feeling this track emits is generally dark, focused and foreboding, the playful sci-fi inspired sound design gives the track a well-balanced, somewhat whimsical quality, perfect for dancing late into the weekend.

Erik Luebs’ ‘Cycle’ series is a once a month release to keep up with. If you’re looking for quality tracks that are sure to sound good in both the warehouse and the club, consider digging through Lueb’s already substantial, ever-growing discography and take note to his progression. For artists, and perhaps especially for music producers, having a regimented creative ritual like this, can, and often will, lead to a breakthrough of sorts; an increase in one’s skills/abilities, and a body of work that encapsulates this development and documents the journey. Support the artist with a digital download via the link bellow.

-Jeronimo Watson

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