Arp – “Suroeste EP” (Honne Music) [October 5, 2021]

Intricate patterns of funk and psychedelia weave their way through “Suroeste” smoothly, offering tripped out rhythms and underground swagger. Liquid pads melt together with acid groove as “Arp” lays down a complicated and unique three-track EP for Baja based label “Honne Music.”

The label was founded on the belief that artists should be empowered for their quality productions, without falling into mainstream illusions. Their aim is to connect likeminded artists from around the globe and push an underground sound.

It is apparent from the first tone all the way to the finishing note this release is based on composition. Heavy synth usage produces a warm atmosphere throughout “Suroeste” giving it a retro vibe. Claps come in like machine guns being emptied akimbo as the acid gargles and groans its way to the gravitational destination. Ample bass support utilizes efficient tactics, lending a helping hand when needed without dominating the fragile, melodic pathways.

The EP can’t quite be considered eerie, but there is an underlying mysticism ingrained within the tracks. “Arp” showcases wisdom in all three productions, choosing to keep things light and simple. With the focus aimed at maintaining swing and groove, other elements like pad work fall into line, meshing successfully in chaotic harmony. Each offering stretches past the eight-minute mark, conjuring natural ambiance. The flow of the EP caters to the storytelling aspect, opening portals to new processes of sound and creating a whole picture when completed. “Cdv” takes on new life with Ravey bounce and broken drum processions. Losing the happy-go-lucky aura of the first two tracks. “Cdv” certifies its sinister underground sound with minor key shifts and slick breakdowns.

A somewhat minimal inspired groove finds itself and takes stride in “Suroeste”. Simple is best when it comes to production sometimes, and “Arp” channels this mantra through song. The EP is best listened to in succession, taking the listener on an acid ride.

-Jack Plumb

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