Markus Suckut – “Blurred Memories ll” (ODD / EVEN) [December 17, 2021]

ODD / EVEN, a label founded by Markus Suckut’s close friend and colleague, Andre Kronert, is home to several of Suckut’s EPs, including part one of his recent Blurred Memories project. The stripped back, bass-heavy sound of Markus Suckut’s Blurred Memories Pt. ll pairs perfectly with the cold of winter.

Markus Suckut has accumulated some impressive accolades over the last ten years, from releases on Radio Slave’s Rekids, to Sven Väth’s infamous Cocoon Recordings, yet the quality of his most recent work warns that he’s only just started. ODD / EVEN, a label founded by his close friend and colleague, Andre Kronert, is home to several of Suckut’s EPs, including part one of his recent “Blurred Memories” project. Now, after two years, part two is here to further cement his name in the label’s already impressive lineage.

The first track, “Higher,” is an ice-cold groove that will do wonders in the club. Perfectly fat and punchy low-end pulses at a steady pace, while a blend of shakers and white noise sound like slay bells in a blizzard. A short rim shot on the two keeps the beat nimble, yet irresistibly bouncy. As the track progresses, a faint, wobbling pad sounds like it’s trembling, shivering in the snow, giving the beat an uneasy undertone. The track, much like the others to come, manages to do a lot with so little.

“Take 2” elevates things to another level. A sharp shaker immediately adds vigor and drive to a kick and bass pattern that’s already bursting with energy. As the bass gradually begins to evolve, a delayed percussive loop begins to emerge, panning right then left, while being gently subdued by a low pass filter. Throughout the composition, Suckut applies his masterful, yet pleasantly imperfect human touch to the mix, helping bring his drum patterns and leads to life. It’s one thing to choose all of the right elements for a track, but applying all the right changes to them at all the right times is an entirely different skill, and one that Suckut has undoubtedly mastered.

“Eclectic City,” the final of the four tracks, feels like a grand farewell. More so than in the previous tracks, this beat pummels you. That said, the low end of this track doesn’t stay consistent, and gradually fades out to create room for an epic drop. Beautiful synth stabs add color as they woosh by, but only when with Ride cymbals come crashing in does the track reach its peak. Frantic snares at the second drop further propel the track forward, and before you know it, the track fades out, bringing part 2 of “Blurred Memories” to a close.

This is a masterfully executed EP that might just be some of Markus Suckut’s best work to date. His use of meticulously selected and refined elements in his music demonstrates his mastery of the craft, and this particular EP fits perfectly with the cold weather of December. Support the artist and label with either a digital download, or by purchasing a very limited green vinyl pressing while supplies last via the Bandcamp page linked above.

-Jeronimo Watson

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