Amplify Series 061: MÆDON

For the sixty first episode of Amplify Series we welcome @m_a_e_d_o_n who is proud to announce her record label Rant & Rave Records.

For us she has meticulously curated a selection of artists who’s tracks compliment her vision for the label.

In the mix, you will hear tracks from “RAR” from herself, JoeFarr & Codex Empire. She’s also included tracks from artists she has signed which include Lady Starlight, Esther Dune and Samantha Togni.

MÆDON has been making waves in Berlin with her fierce all-hardware live sets. She’s signed to Sonic Groove and Tresor which she also has a residency.

Be on the lookout come may for the presale of her debut EP for the label: RAR001 Cease & Resist.



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