Robert Hood – “Mirror Man” (Rekids Official) [Pre-Order for 11/20/20]

The latest LP from Detroit legend Robert Hood is set to be released on Radio Slave’s acclaimed Rekids label. A few years in the making, Hood gives us 14 Tracks that delve into his trademark minimal and punchy techno sounds along with downtempo gems sprinkled throughout.

Anesthetic “Run Bobby, Run”, hallucinatory “A System of Mirrors” and ethereal “Face In The Water” show his signature minimal grooves in top form with immaculate production and mesmerizing synth use. Punchy slammers like “Nothing Stops Detroit” (taken from his massively successful last EP of the same title), tamed-insanity “Fear Not”, and apocalyptic “Falling Apart” prove he hasn’t lost a speck of power and intensity when it comes to commanding the dance floor.

Downtempo is explored in a refreshing and mind-exploring manner with the curious “Black Mirror”, illusory “Freeze” and bewildering “Prism”, and then with lots of emotion on the symphonic intro track “Through A Looking Glass Darkly” and the alien-abduction sounding “A Shattered Image”. Rounding off the album, “7-Mile Dog” invokes the classic minimal warehouse sentiment he’s known for, while the calculated madness of “Ignite A War” and suspensefulness of the final track “The Cure” provide massive arena dominating soundscapes.

Robert Hood demonstrates top-tier techno producing from start to finish on this exceptional album.

Grab it on Bandcamp here

-Kai Loo

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