Akumen – “Static Energy” (Artist Release) [April 21, 2021]

Akumen wears many hats. By day, he helps save lives by managing human resources at a Los Angeles hospital. By night, he is a DJ, producer, and co-boss of Made to Move, LA’s friendliest underground party.

Akumen’s latest release, “Static Energy,” is anything but. This four pack of tunes is bustling with hopeful, yet gritty vigor. This comes as no surprise, seeing as Akumen’s inspiration for the release was the pent-up energy that all of us have become far too familiar with during the COVID pandemic.

The first two tracks, “It’s Time” (A1) and “Move My Body” (A2) feel like a light at the end of the tunnel for COVID-weary ravers. “It’s Time” is led by a punchy and soulful vocal sample telling us “yah know it’s time,” as if to remind us that the time of the post-COVID dance floor renaissance is nearing. The charismatic vocal sample is complimented by a deep, glowing chord progression and a grooving baseline that keeps things moving.

“Move My Body” is simply infectious. It’s the type of tune that makes you dance even when you’re sitting in a desk chair in a fluorescent-lit office building. As soon as the tune opens, we hear a bright, wiggly sound that oozes day-rave-in-the-sun ambiance. Around the 0:45 mark, the baseline joins the party. The last few notes of the baseline each step up, giving the track a constant feeling of forward motion.

The third and fourth track, “Zoom After Party” (B1) and “Eons” (B2), take a gritty turn – the sun has set and we’ve entered the club. “Zoom After Party” is led by a powerful, undulating baseline. The tune has an industrial gloss, but it’s also soulful thanks to bird-song-like samples and splashes of breaks percussion.

The final tune, “Eons,” opens with a mischievous, plucky synth that makes the listener lean in. Around the 1:00 mark, the tune opens up with a supercharged chord progression that evokes the musicality of Kerri Chandler, but with a futuristic twist.

Although its inspiration comes from feelings of stagnation, “Static Energy” is a soundtrack for the dynamic future ahead.

– Forest Lieberman

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