Tapestry of Sound – “Tapestry of Sound” (Step Ball Chain) [May 26, 2021]

Heavy hitters Roza Terenzi and D. Tiffany team up for an oddball dancefloor smash inspired by 19th-century maypole dancing.

Sometimes mistakes are beautiful. Indeed, it was a mistake that gave birth to Tapestry of Sound, the latest work of Roza Terenzi and D. Tiffany (a.k.a. Tapestry of Sound). The EP was inspired by a wall-sized digital tapestry tiled “The Liquid Lockdown Tapestry of 2020.” The digital tapestry was intended as a live-stream backdrop, but it was not completed in time.

Rather than mourning the tapestry backdrop that never was, Terenzi and Tiffany got to work, like the “femme finesse” craftswomen they are. The resulting EP comes to us via Step Ball Chain, the label Terenzi created in Berlin after transplanting there from Melbourne, Australia.

Track one, “Maypole Theme (Surrealist Piano Roll),” was inspired by, well, a maypole. According to the EP’s Bandcamp page, a maypole is a tall wooden pole that 19th century folks danced around during European Midsummer folk festivals. I am no historian, but if those maypole dancers could have blasted “Maypole Theme (Surrealist Piano Roll),” I am certain they would have boogied their ancient buns off.

The tune opens with a mysterious tone and distorted, crunchy textures. Then, around the 0:40 mark, quick garage breaks storm in, sweeping us off our feet. Effortlessly cool synth keys join the ensemble, giving the tune a sleek aura. Around the 2:30 mark, the tune evolves once again with the addition of a charging bass. This leads into a breakdown, which makes room for classic piano chords. The chords don’t stick around for long, as the tune continues evolving through various melodies and drum rhythms.

The other standout, track three, “Wasp Of a Woman,” takes us from the maypole to the warehouse. The tune is far more repetitive and hypnotic than “Maypole Theme (Surrealist Piano Roll),” focusing on a rolling bass and rhythmic vocal refrains. The tune’s simplicity allows Terenzi and Tiffany’s producing chops to shine. We hear the crispness of each high hat and sink into the wide space created by the textures of the vocal refrains.

Tapestry of Sound is only the second release on Step Ball Chain. Here’s to more marvelous mistakes.

–Forest Lieberman

Link – Bandcamp

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