DJ T-1000 – “The Dirrty Underground EP” (BPitch Control) [July 16, 2021]

Detroit native Alan Oldham aka DJ T-1000 dishes out four raw and fast techno cuts for Ellen Allien’s BPitch Control label out of Berlin, where both the maestros are stationed.

The aptly-titled “Clitfuck” erupts first like an atom bomb, with a massive and distorted rave kick setting the tone for the rest of the heavy record. Tight grooves and resonant synth stabs combined with intense snare roll and cymbal build ups make this dancefloor track an instant hard techno classic while staying true to the T-1000 dirty and unfiltered sound.

Oldham continues with his signature raunchiness, repeating the word ‘PUSSY’ before the title vocals “Think You Can Handle It” come in to finish off the catchphrase on his second number. More swinging and energetic beats jack up the dancefloor with the same frenzied hard techno spirit shown in “Clitfuck.”

Once again bringing a slice of humor to the often too-serious techno rooms, T-1000 uses the not-so-subtle wordplay of “I Love It In My Acid” to start off the b-side of the record. Not surprisingly, an acid line drives the movement forward, this time into darker and more hypnotic territory. As he sticks with his raw and in-your-face drum sounds, the veteran producer progressively adds more elements and energy throughout, resulting in a top-shelf acid track.

On the finale the Detroit-bred artist gives props to his current digs, repeating “I Fucking Love Berlin” vocals over one last virtuoso beat. Super-swinging maniacal drums chug away with a punchy euro-esque square-wave melody built for entranced warehouses. However, as seen throughout the EP, the track is translatable to any setting from the club to arena, thanks to its expertly programmed minimal sound selection paired with powerful and clinical mixing and mastering. Truly an accomplished record by the multifaceted artist known in the techno realm as T-1000.

“The Dirrty Underground EP” is available on most streaming platforms and bandcamp, and coming soon in vinyl format.

-Kai Loo

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