DJ Takeshi – “Entressafra” (Chave Records) [May 11, 2022]

Sao Paulo artist DJ Takeshi breaks out two bouncy club joints with his latest release “Entressafra” on Chave Records. DJ Takeshi takes familiar four-to-the-floor grooves and adds a deep and mysterious whimsical air.

The Portuguese word “Entressafra” takes the literal definition of “time between harvests,” although it is also used figuratively as “periods without.” This may be an allude to the global pandemic of the past two years, and hopefully signifies a period of growth and forwardness. 

The title track “Entressafra” comes in hot with minor chord strikes and the globally loved 808 kick partnered with its formidable ally, the 808 clap. A lovely, elongated bass groan brings the drum machines’ tried and true instrumentals to a unison, creating a serious, head bobbing rhythm. Washed out synth work cleverly adapts to the seemingly standard patterns making for a unique, bubbly flow while keeping the path light and dancey. Prototypical, yet forceful piano enters the scene rounding out the track in true house fashion. The track spews deep house dance energy the second it announces its arrival and doesn’t stop until its 4:38 minute climax. 

“Soli Tude” is the second track on the release, following a more lighthearted trajectory with poppy synth stabs and hollow, poignant drum kit. Certainly a more upbeat take than the first track but also not without its eerie quirks. Again, the four-to-the-floor syntax is kept, and house vibes are present. “Soli Tude” reads like a Charlie Brown dance ensemble: very groovy and low key with a pleasant atmosphere. The reverb from the chiming bells really drives home the feel of the track. 

“Entressafra” consists of two deeper house jams that invite dancing with a side of introspection. Not to be taken too seriously, yet extending itself to the inner workings of DJ Takeshi’s workflow. 

-Jack Plumb

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