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An expert devotee of Techno music, Sean Ocean loves to share his passion for the genre with the world. He’s been following Techno religiously as a DJ, promoter, blogger, live PA, sound system owner/operator, and flyer designer in the Bay Area for over 25 years.

One of the main goals that Sean Ocean set out for himself was to help co-create a community in the West Coast Techno scene through the values of selflessness and partnership. He’s worked to achieve this by being one of the first promoters to push California-based techno alongside other West Coast talent from Seattle and Portland in events such as San Francisco’s 2004 Love Parade. He’s also helped foster community spaces through his involvement with the promotions crew at DEFSF where artists had the opportunity to be signed with record labels or booked for events.

As a writer for Dirty Epic, Ocean hopes to continue to shed light on quality Techno music that challenges the definition of what Techno music is as well as retain a continuity of ideas that shaped the genre’s past. Through writing, Sean wants to help DJs become ambassadors to the artists we all admire well into the future. One of the biggest epiphanies he had while being apart of the Dirty Epic review team was the ability to get really close to the music each week, helping him to develop a keen ear and leading him to a greater appreciation and enjoyment of Techno and music as a whole.

Some of Ocean’s favorite releases that he’s reviewed for Dirty Epic this past year include Yan Cook’s “XXX” LP on Artscore, Silicon Scally’s “Field Lines” on Central Processing Unit, and Oscean’s “Multirays” on Tresor.

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